Mexico Projects

All our charity activities will be better with your donation. We call on fundraising from anything that you can.

Guatemala Project

The School of Hope Escuela De Esperanza

Malaysia Project

We think that education is best way to help those in need. if you can help, let's do it.

Contribute to our charity work with your donation. Thanks for your heart ♥.

Guatemalan Mask For Sale

Strawberry Jam is proud to have purchased and obtained these masks from our friends in Guatemala.

Strawberry Jam Participates in “Nutrition 2020”

The American Society for Nutrition hosted “Nutrition 2020” Live Online June 1-4. The conference featured 1,800 clinical abstracts and touched 164 countries where over 29,000 took attendance to witness and stream evidenced based research that will have lasting Nutritional global impact.

UV box COVID-19 Baja Support


Well, this past Monday with ambition Strawberry Jam loaded up for Baja to deploy 4 portable UV boxes in attempt to help thwart further COVID-19 infection and combat the ongoing PPE shortage.

Childhood Anemia in Guatemala

Last year, Strawberry Jam went to Guatemala and completed the first phase of research to combat childhood anemia with Nutritionist expert, Kathy Beerman, PhD of Washington State University. Our goal is specific, to create a scientific formula and provide iron fortified meals in schools located in regions suffering from the highest rates of anemia. This is secondary to extreme malnutrition due to food scarcity.

Theresa Bartolini Nursing Scholarship

Strawberry Jam presents its second annual” Theresa Bartolini Nursing Scholarship”!   The scholarship supports a Student Nurse who selflessly gives up so much of his or herself while obtaining the coveted professional degree of Nursing.


Our Awesome Team​

Thomas C. Mitchell, M.D, PA-C.


Kathy Beerman, Ph. D

Professor in the Nutrition department at Washington State University

David Mitchell, Psy.D