Buena Vida Water Project


Buena Vida Orphanage is the home to over twenty children, ages three to eighteen, located in the small town of La Mission, Baja, Mexico. Each child is surrounded by an overwhelming amount of unconditional love by the orphanage’s staff. The children’s’ days are structured around a regimented routine where their bedrooms are dedicated only for sleep and the use of technology is limited to a weekly Friday night movie night. Compared to what the average American child is accustomed to, this would be seen as a minimalistic lifestyle yet the amount of joy each child expresses is purely immeasurable. The simplest forms of play-marbles, new toys, etc.- is welcomed with the utmost amount of gratefulness and enjoyment. Though born into unfortunate circumstances, their new home at Buena Vida has gone above and beyond to provide the essential amount of comfort, family, and security.

The staff at Buena Vida relies on a local supplier that fills a cistern on top of the building to cook and provide for the children’s needs. The orphanage must purchase this drinking water with limited funds, which must stretch to fulfill all the necessary needs of the children. Occasionally, water must be rationed in times of increased use yet the budget for water only allows for one delivery per month. The demand for water has surpassed their what they can afford and has jeopardized their ability to sustain the fundamental and pertinent needs of maintaining a healthy, cohesive environment.

In efforts to alleviate this additional cost and hardship, Strawberry Jam has adopted Buena Vida as part of its outreach to Baja. To be a part of providing for this humble, beautiful facility, you may make a 100% tax-deductible donation to Buena Vida by contributing directly to Strawberry Jam. Every dollar makes a difference!


Thomas C. Mitchell, M.D. and Strawberry Jam Leadership Team