Theresa Bartolini Nursing Scholarship

Strawberry Jam presents its second annual” Theresa Bartolini Nursing Scholarship”!   The scholarship supports a Student Nurse who selflessly gives up so much of his or herself while obtaining the coveted professional degree of Nursing. Family and friends could share many stories of how this candidate has overcome the trials and tribulations associated with the daunting task of Nursing school. Even so, this candidate has gone above and beyond demonstrating the necessary compassion and character needed to become a patient advocate and to play a highly respected role in the Health Care industry.  This year’s recipient is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) named Cheryl.  Cheryl’s bravery to tackle nursing school seems fitting because she is also a proud Army veteran.  Let’s take a moment to congratulate Cheryl on her accomplishments, as well as, thank her for her service to this great nation.  Theresa Bartolini, RN, is proud to personally present Cheryl with the $350 Theresa Bartolini Scholarship.  Please join us in this upcoming year with your donations and prayers so that we can not only increase the size of the scholarship, but also, be able to offer the scholarship to more than one recipient.

We currently have two Strawberry Jam websites ( and I encourage you to check out the new activities and projects on our websites. While on our website, be sure to take a moment to leave a prideful story, nominate a possible scholarship recipient, and of course make a generous donation to this beautiful cause.

This is Barbara’s, CNA story told by her proud son… “My name is Barbara, I was a single mom, raising four children. I worked the night shift as a Housekeeper at the local nursing home. I felt blessed to be tiptoeing around the nursing staff and assuring the cleanliness of the facility for the waking residents.  It always saddened my heart a little to learn that occasionally one of the residents would pass in the night.  However, I loved my job.  Especially, the occasional night owl that patiently awaited my arrival to inquired about how my children were or what interesting things I may have experienced since seeing them last.  I enjoyed sharing a quick story or two.  I cherished the moments of connection I felt with these precious people.  In those moments I knew my calling was to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.  This revelation was to become more tangible for these lovely residents.  I would get to sit by their side, brush thin wispy hair, and assist them with their daily living chores, while always making sure I protected their dignity. Some 35 years later I found myself saying goodbye to my home and my cat as I checked into a Skilled nursing home community.   I spent my last seven years of life there, daily sharing stories about my children and grandchildren.  Being awaken each morning and tucked into bed each night by people who helped me with my daily life chores and protected my dignity.  People I came to love and appreciated so much.  My nursing staff.