UV box COVID-19 Baja Support


Well, this past Monday with ambition Strawberry Jam loaded up for Baja to deploy 4 portable UV boxes in attempt to help thwart further COVID-19 infection and combat the ongoing PPE shortage.

Dr. Vanessa Felix Arce, Dr. Andrea Jauregui and Dr. Hector Steve Silva whom with open arms welcomed the advanced UV box technology to seemingly to be a pivotal operational adjunct to staff protection, patient care management.

Our manufacturing and delivery timing was “spot on” as Tijuana prepares for the foreseen COVID-19 surge that lingers while existing medical resources are all nearly already depleted.

There is currently a dynamic well coordinated collaborative effort of Local Agencies & Volunteers that have partnered to convert the Gymnasium of the “Tijuana Zonkeys” Basketball team into a 90 bed COVID-19 Step down hospital…any words pale in comparison to just how impressive this conversion really is. https://www.apoyemosatijuana.com/donaciones/

(2 days ago) Manichanh: “NOW WE NEED 5 MORE” Me: “YES WE SURE DO”. The Bioengineering and Manufacturing has again begun and is being provided by volunteers…the materials are at cost to STRAWBERRY JAM. This kind of kindness & support is priceless!

Proudly and humbly I ask all to be overly sensitive to this Baja California COVID crisis and it’s impact.